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Be True to You!!

I’ve been asking myself some really hard questions lately: 

What is the ultimate motive underlying everything I do? What is the purest intention of my life? What is my heart’s desire? How did I come to choose to see myself and the world around me the way I do?

These are questions we all ask ourselves in some way or another. And, these are questions few of us actually answer for ourselves. It takes time and presence of mind, body & spirit to discern the deepest truth that lies within. 

Aging like a guru requires that we take the time to discern the answers to these questions. For me, discernment means to extract or distill the essence of truth that lies within oneself regarding the question on the table.

Most of us will say that we don't have time for such stuff. However, as we get older and are less engaged in external activities of the world, there is a space for being with oneself like never before. Aging often gives us opportunities to visit with ourselves and get to know who we are and how we came to be us, now. Most of us won't take the time to get to know who we are, and that's okay. I'm just saying we have the opportunity to honor the lives we've lived by asking, "how have you come to be you today?"

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